Grow your edges back

5 ways to Grow Your Edges Back

1. **Incorporate Growth Oil**: Utilize Grow Your Edges Back Growth Oil for your scalp massages. This product is formulated to stimulate hair follicles and promote healthier hair growth, especially around the edges.

2. **Use the Edge Control & Loc Gel**: Style your edges using the Grow Your Edges Back Edge Control & Loc Gel. It's designed to hold your edges in place without causing dryness or breakage, thanks to its gentle and nourishing formulation.

3. **Regularly Apply Growth Balm**: The Growth Balm from Grow Your Edges Back is perfect for keeping your edges moisturized. Apply it regularly to your hairline to nourish and strengthen the delicate hairs.

4. **Deep Conditioning with Leave-In Conditioner**: Incorporate the Leave-In Conditioner into your routine. This product will help in deep conditioning, providing your hair with the necessary moisture and nutrients to prevent breakage and promote growth.

5. **Cleanse Gently with Mango Coconut Shampoo**: Use the Mango Coconut Shampoo for a gentle cleansing experience. It’s important to keep your scalp clean for optimal growth, and this shampoo offers a gentle yet effective solution that doesn't strip natural oils from your edges.
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