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Grow Your Edges Back

Mango Coconut Shampoo

Mango Coconut Shampoo

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Product: Grow Your Edges Back Aloe & Flaxseed Moisturizing Shampoo

Key Ingredients:

• Aloe: Known for its soothing and hydrating properties, aloe deeply moisturizes the hair and scalp.
• Flaxseed: Rich in nutrients, flaxseed smooths and revitalizes hair, enhancing its natural shine.

Benefits and Features:

• Deep Moisturization: Provides lasting moisture, leaving hair incredibly soft and shiny.
• Restorative Properties: Helps restore the natural vitality and strength of hair.
• All Hair Type Suitability: Formulated to be effective for all hair types.

Free of Harsh Chemicals:

• No Parabens: Ensures a gentle and healthy hair cleansing experience.
• No Sulfates: Maintains hair’s natural oils and color, promoting overall hair health.

Usage Instructions:

• Application: Apply a small amount to wet hair. Lather through hair and scalp.
• Rinsing: Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if desired for extra cleansing.

Ideal for:

• Anyone seeking a hydrating and revitalizing shampoo experience. It’s especially beneficial for those looking to maintain healthy, soft, and shiny hair without harsh chemicals.

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Customer Reviews

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Clifton Hopwood
My go to

Best natural shampoo I’ve used, great smell, very good on removing oily buildup from the hair